We asked five people how much their Christmas cost

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How much should you spend on Christmas? After all – it's only one day. We met five people with different arrangements for the holidays to find out their plans for Christmas and how much they are expecting it to cost.

Sam, 21, student on a low budget - £100

“I'm going home for Christmas, so my parents will cover the food, drink and decorations. All I need to get is presents for the family.

I'm aiming to spend £20-£30 per person, although I'll be happy to spend a bit less if I can find a bargain. That's mum, dad and my brother. So about £100. I'll most likely be shopping on Amazon for price and delivery."

Arthur, 32, a single father of two - £600

“Me and the girls are having our Christmas Day on Boxing Day, as they'll be spending the 25th with their mum. I've got a fake tree and all the decorations already. We're starting the day with avocado on toast with orange juice for breakfast, bacon, maple syrup and pancakes for lunch, then a lamb roast for dinner. It's some of the girl's favourite foods so they can't wait. I'm expecting the food bill to be around £100 for three of us for the day.

I’m going to spend around £500 on presents – Molly needs a new phone and April really wants a sewing machine. I just need to coordinate with their mother, so they don't end up with two of each!"

Alex, 30, and partner Jennie - £100

“We're saving for a home right now so trying to have a bootstrap Christmas. Neither of us get much time off work at Christmas – we've usually burnt it all earlier in the year. For Christmas dinner we're just going to have a normal chicken roast dinner – about twenty pound's worth from Aldi.

We have agreed a gift budget of £50 each, so I think I'll be able to get her favourite perfume and some nice chocolates. We've decided to go minimal on decorations."

The Felthams, a family of four - £400

“I have two boys – one 19-year-old away at university in Manchester and another, 25 year old, who lives and works nearby. Me and my husband are very glad to have them both home for Christmas this year.

I've been preparing Christmas dinners for the family for over 20 years, so I know exactly what we like and what we don't. No sprouts for us – we like carrots and swede with our Christmas turkey. I am serving a few courses so altogether I think food will cost about £200 for four of us for the day.

I splashed out on new Christmas decorations, a real tree, fancy chocolates, prosecco and craft ales. To the tune of about £200, all in all. I usually shop at Asda but for special Christmas treats I'm going to Sainsburys."

Jackie, a grandmother, hosting ten - £400

“Both my kids are bringing their families over for Christmas so there's ten of us, five adults and five kids. I'm cooking, which will be a challenge. Overall, I think it's probably cheaper for us to all eat together, I've done some calculations and I'm expecting to spend about £250 for food and drink for the whole day. I'll get what I can at the cash-and-carry to save money.

I've already got presents for everyone. I spent £20 on adults and about £5 on children, about £150 altogether with cards and wrapping paper."