4 ways to fall in love with your finances this Valentine’s Day

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Most of us have a love-hate relationship with our finances. But February is the month of love - could it be possible that you could be a little kinder to yourself and try to change some of your money biases? If that sounds good, maybe one of these ideas could help you feel fondly for your finances.

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Focus on what brings you happiness

What brings you joy? Do you have something special to save up for? Are you planning that trip of a lifetime for when travel is back to normal? Writing down your intentions and having a firm goal can help to motivate you. Let's ensure that our financial decisions are made with love in mind and make saving feel like less of a chore.

If you have debt, consolidate it!

If you have debt, there’s a chance you beat yourself up because you’re worried about how to pay if off. If you’re able to pay off your debt you could save money on interest and improve your credit score.

If you could benefit from consolidating your debt at a lower rate, Neyber may be able to help.

Set a monthly saving goal

Your goal can be anything, and it doesn’t need to be big! But having a monthly goal can help you to stick to your plan.Maybe your goal is a new pair of trainers, or it could be as big as to save for a home or rental deposit, a new car, home improvements or a family holiday. These goals should include how much money you want to save and a timeframe that you want to do it in.

Make your relationship with money a priority

Money often doesn’t get enough air time and it’s often the last thing on the to do list. Let’s change that! Could you schedule a regular date and time each month to be proactive about your finances? Spend a bit of time getting to know your money in a new way - look at bank statements and see where your money is going! - you can see where you can make a difference and avoid hiding from your finances.

Let’s focus on money being a force of good and not something that causes you worry or stress! If you want to learn more about finances or explore any of the Neyber products to help you.

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