How to spring clean your finances

This article takes about 3 minutes to read
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Spring clean your finances

1) Think about consolidating pensions

If you’ve worked for multiple employers, or your employer has changed pension provider, you probably have a few different pots of money sitting around. You would never leave a wallet of cash lying around, so why are you leaving your pension money in a place you don’t remember?

Money in your pension is still yours - even if you can’t spend it just yet - and it can be simpler and easier to consolidate older pensions so you have fewer places to look after. This isn’t always the case - if you have a ‘defined benefit’ scheme then you’re probably better staying put, but it’s worth looking into.

Read more about whether you should consolidate here.

2) Declutter your subscriptions

Take time to check the subscriptions you currently have on Android or Apple - are there any that you had forgotten about? Look through your last month’s bank statement - how many direct debits are you paying for, and how many of those do you actually use? You may be able to bundle the ones you use - for example some phone or internet providers give you access to Netflix or Spotify. Take a look around for the best deals and unsubscribe from those you don’t use.

3) Think about consolidating debt

It can feel messy and stressful to have credit cards, store cards, loans and overdrafts with lots of different places. Consolidating your debt essentially means bringing multiple debts together into a single, new loan. If done right; debt consolidation can help you reduce your monthly outgoings, reduce your loan term or both.

Listen to our podcast and find out if consolidating debts is the right solution for you.

4) Clean out your inbox

Emails from our favourite stores flood our inbox each day, tempting us to spend. You might delete the first 9 emails, but by the 10th or 11th, you start to feel the urge to ‘just check and see if there’s anything you like’. Reduce the temptation and hit unsubscribe! If you find something you really want, you can always search online for voucher codes to use.