Monthly Spending Plan

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Budgeting is the process of planning your money and ensuring the key things are paid for in order of priority. It’s telling your money where you want it to go, rather than getting to the end of the month and wondering where it’s all gone.

Our free budget planner helps you understand:

  • What do I want to achieve with my money?
  • Am I being honest with myself about what my priorities are?
  • Is what I spend on improving my wellbeing?

A budget helps make it really clear where your money is going, and what could happen if you move things around.

We've made things super simple - just download the planner, and enter what you spend your money on. Looking at your bank statements can be a good way of reminding yourself – often we spend more than we realise!

The template has lots of categories listed that will hopefully prompt your memory. Record whether you’re spending on these things weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly and our template will do all the maths for you.

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