The best cards for spending money abroad

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You've got a trip planned and you might have accomodation sorted and your suitcases packed but you'll also need to plan your spending money.

Using your normal debit or credit card abroad is a terrible idea - you'll be whacked with all sorts of additional fees, making it horribly expensive.

However, all is not lost because there are a host of cards designed sepcifically for travellers, which come with no charges when you use them overseas.

Best credit cards to use on your holidays

The Halifax Clarity card offers free withdrawals, and comes with no fees on any purchases you make while you're away.

Another card well worth a look is the Tandem credit card. There are no additional fees for overseas purchases or cash withdrawals, but you will be charged interest for any cash withdrawals in both the UK and abroad. Additionally they offer 0.5% cashback on all of your spending over one pound, whether it's in the UK or somewhere more exotic. Just think - you could get money back on those beers by the pool.

If you're likely to want to take your time clearing the balance from your summer shopping, then the Barclaycard Platinum Travel might be your best bet. Not only are there no fees for overseas use, but you also enjoy 12 months of 0% interest on your purchases.

This means you can pay it off in bitesize chunks, free of any interest charges. Make sure that you pay your balance by the end of the 12 month period or you may want to consider finding a cheaper source to transfer any remaining balance.

It's also important to remember that 'no charges overseas' does not apply to cash withdrawals. Most overseas banks will charge you to withdraw cash abroad so if you do need cash then ensure you are withdrawing enough money to last a few days to avoid unnecessary fees through daily withdrawals of smaller amounts.

Best debit cards to use on your holidays

So you don't fancy going through the hassle of sorting out a new credit card? Understandable.

You could stick to spending abroad using a debit card but the general rule of thumb is that spending abroad on your debit card isn't a great idea when it comes to most bank accounts. However, there are a handful of accounts which have been designed to appeal to people who travel overseas more often.

For example, there's Starling Bank, who offer no fees if you use the card abroad. Whether that's for a purchase or to withdraw money from an ATM. You can withdraw up to £300 a day across a maximum of three ATM withdrawals.

Monzo Bank are an online bank who offer something similar, with no fees for purchases or withdrawals overseas, though you can only withdraw up to £200 during a 30-day period without incurring a charge. Bear in mind though that there is a waiting list for accounts, so if you're keen it's worth registering now rather than leaving it to the last minute.

Finally, there's Metro Bank, who have branches (though most are found in London). With Metro's bank account, you can make purchases and withdraw cash fee-free throughout Europe, but fees will apply if you're using the card somewhere further away.

What about a prepaid card?

With a prepaid travel card, you can load currency onto the card while here in the UK, which you can then use as you please while on your trip.

Because you load the money on in advance, these can be really useful with budgeting - you can't spend more than you put onto the card. Good news if you are worried about losing control after one too many sangrias.

One card worth a look is the Revolut prepaid card, which is free to use for purchases or withdrawals and offers great currency rates, though there is a £5 application fee to consider.

Other prepaid options worth a look include FairFX and WeSwap.

Sorting out your holiday cash is never the highlight of your trip, but getting it right will mean you don't end up with a holiday hangover.