Webinar: How to recession-proof your finances

This article takes about 2 minutes to read
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Grandfather and Grandchild

There continues to be a lot of uncertainty about when we will come out of lockdown and when life will really go back to normal. When things settle down, are we going to be in a recession, or are we already in one?

To help answer some of your latest money questions, Jason Butler, Neyber’s Head of Financial Education hosted a webinar on how to recession-proof your finances. In the webinar Jason Butler walks you through:

  • What a recession is, and what that could mean for your money
  • A checklist of things you could start doing now as well as a few things you may want to avoid doing at this time
  • How to prepare for the unexpected

Watch here!

Once you've watched, read up on what a recession is, and how you can prepare.

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