It's time for a truly stress-free, festive season

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This winter is a season of sharing and appreciation, not a season of stress. Don’t let anything get in the way of your festivities - least of all money worries. However you want to celebrate - whether it’s a family feast, post-work pub social, or glam gathering, a little planning will help you usher in the new year with your loved ones without any financial anxiety.

Here are some quick and easy tips to make your winter an even more wonderful one.

  • Sit down and brainstorm your ideal celebrations, and then put it all into a festive budget planner to make sure you know what this could look like financially. It will help to think about what you could be spending on presents. How about food and drinks? Decorations? If you’re thinking about travelling to visit family, or going further afield, make sure you account for that too.

  • If you need a little extra to make it through the festive season, make sure you’re aware of the options available to you and borrow responsibly. Avoid payday loans, overdrafts and high-interest credit cards - instead, look for cards with a 0% rate. Here at Neyber, we offer loans repaid through salary. To find out more, click here and see whether we’re the right option for you.

  • Once you’ve got an idea of what the month will look like for you, enjoy it! You deserve it! It’s been a tough time for many of us, and we hope that you can spend some time with those you care about, relaxing and rejuvenating yourself for 2022.

Finally - we’d like to wish you a fantastic festive season from all of us at Neyber, and a Happy New Year! To find out more about what we have to offer, visit:

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