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#Checking credit scores

Borrowing money
What are the options when debts get out of controlLenders want to know whether you can manage your debt and whether you're likely to run into financial trouble and your credit history is the first place they'll look
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Understanding credit scores
Webinar: Credit Scores 101Credit scores, credit file, credit reports – do you know what they are, how they work and why they matter to you? Watch our webinar to find out.
Webinar - Credit Scores 101
Improving credit scores
How to build up your credit scoreIf you've got a lower credit score that's holding you back then here's a few things to
Improving credit scores
3 ways your living arrangements affect your credit scoreWhy your current and past living arrangement affect your credit score and why credit agencies need to know you actually exist
living arrangements
Understanding credit scores
What information is shown on your credit report Get to grips with your credit report with our simple guide
check your credit report
Understanding credit scores
What affects your credit scoreYour 'financial footprint' tells lenders about the type of borrower you are, so making sure yours is healthy and accurate is the key to securing the best deals
know your credit score
Understanding credit scores
5 things lenders are looking for on your credit report Get clued up on what lenders want to see on your credit report
5 things lenders look for
Understanding credit scores
How your credit score affects your ability to borrowWe're always being told that our credit score is like a financial history but what does it actually mean when it comes to applying for a loan.