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Saving and investing for your children’s futureBringing up kids isn’t cheap, and the financial support doesn’t stop when they leave school. Saving for your kid’s future is like saving for retirement, the earlier you start the better!
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Family life
Get to grips with maternity and paternity pay Having children can seem like a huge financial commitment amongst the rest, here's what you can expect from your employer
having children
Family life
How to financially prepare for a new arrival (and still be excited)With news of pregnancy there's a lot of excitment, but what usually follows is the question - how are we going to afford this?
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How to start teaching your kids about moneyMoney lessons early on are key to your childs financial future - get started now with our help
How to teach your kids about money
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How to talk to your children about money when you're on a budgetNeyber mum, Heidi Allan, talks about her experiences with children and expectations about money
Family life
How to know how much pocket-money is enoughAn allowance is a great way to teach your kids about money, but how much should you really give them?
Family life
3 ways to save money when you have young kidsHaving children can be expensive - we look at simple ways that you can cut down on those necessary costs
how to savemoney when you have kids
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We asked five families how much their last holiday cost We show the variety of costs of five different types of family holidays suiting different budgets, but with the common link that for all four there are ways of saving and getting value for money