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Money mindset
Negotiating is a fact of life. Here’s how to do it right. Negotiating anything that involves money is the process of trying to arrive at an agreement between two parties. Why do we find it so hard?
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Money mindset
Break the habit - for goodHave you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to break a bad habit? Developing a new bad habit just seems to happen, but getting rid of one can be a real challenge.
Breaking the habit
Income & taxes
Webinar: How to navigate the state benefits systemAre you getting all the help from the government you're eligible for? Find out on our upcoming webinar
State benefits webinar
Family life
Get to grips with maternity and paternity pay Having children can seem like a huge financial commitment amongst the rest, here's what you can expect from your employer
having children
Buying a home
Buying a home: how to avoid the most common mistakes It’s worth knowing what to look out for – and what mistakes to avoid – when buying a home.
Buying a home
Leasehold vs freehold: what's the difference?This guide breaks down the ways you can own a property: freehold, leasehold, or leasehold with a share of the freehold
Renting a home
Your legal and financial responsibilities when renting Know what you're responsible for to make sure you get your deposit back
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Renting a home
Help with rent arrears and problems when paying your rent Whether the problem is caused by a change of circumstances, a budgeting difficulty, or a cut in benefits, you can take some important steps you can take to help get yourself back in control and avoid eviction