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#Managing a credit card

Paying off debt
How to pay your debts as soon as possibleIf you have multiple debts, it can be confusing to know which order to pay them off in. In this article we explore the difference between two common methods: Snowball and Avalanche
prioritising debt
Improving credit scores
How to use a credit-building card to repair your credit scoreLearn more about the cards designed for people without a long credit history, or people who have a bad credit history
Borrowing money
What to do if your credit card company increases your interest rateKnow your reasons why a lender might increase your rate, and what your rights and options are
Managing a credit card
How to avoid paying interest on your credit card Find out how to get the best out of your without any of the hassle
The best cards for spending money abroad Our pick of the best cards designed for holidaymakers, with no charges when you use them overseas
Managing a credit card
How to avoid the minimum repayment trap Learn this one key move to help you beat the credit card issuers at their own game.
mind the gap
Managing a credit card
Is our cash-less society making us spend more and go into debt?We're carrying cash less but what does this irreversible change mean for our spending and debt?
bills finances
Managing a credit card
How to manage credit card debt If you want to reduce the amount of debt you're carrying around courtesy of that piece of plastic in your pocket, here's what you need to know
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